Company history

2008: Apical Reforestadora S.A. was incorporated in Panama.

2009: GIS implemented. The first land was acquired and planted. Purchase of maturing teak assets.

2010: Nursery investment completed and 800 hectares planted with own seedlings. Continued acquisition of land. Occupational safety plan implemented. First set of yield models developed with data from Darién.

2011: Clonal program started and some 800 hectares planted. Thinning of maturing stands and first wood sales.

2012: FSC certification granted. First clonal plantation established with some 700 hectares. First mature harvest and roadside sale.

2013: First direct export. Collection of superior genetic material in mature plantation for own clonal mother garden began.

2014: Harvesting volume achieves 10,000 cubic meters per year. Barcode log inventory system implemented to optimize log measurements, sales and chain of custody. First thinning in greenfield plantation commenced.

2015: Apical’s greenfield planting program fully completed and continued expansion of the client base.

2020: Apical initiated its first commercial thinning operation

2021: Apical initiated thinning operation of the clones planted in 2012

2022: Management supervision of Querucs Panama, LLC plantations. Record harvesting and wood sales of 38,000 m3

2024: Management of Quercus Panama, LLC plantations and Group FSC certification together with Quercus Panama, LLC